ko headshot

afraid of large bodies of water     was a woman in a past life     drowned in a past life     afraid of arrows     can’t sing but do     afraid of heights     was stoned to death in a past life     afraid of tight spaces     often dance when alone     distrustful of crowds     some women despise me at hello     second toe longer than the first     believe in spirits but not in god     believe in magic but not in prayer     smart enough to know I’m not smart enough     believe that trees are sentient beings     left leg shorter than the right     afraid of snakes     afraid of bugs     will be deaf before I die     unable to resist a donut     argumentative when I drink     drink every day     not violent     talker not thinker     10% chance of Alzheimer     0.8% chance of Parkinson's     2.7% Neanderthal     been told I have extremely large sinuses     have always had old man hands